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Imagine, access to everything you need to expand your lash career.

Whether you're a beginner, an established Lash Artist or an Educator, there's a path to amplifying your income. 

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A Balanced Approach

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Because we love when Lash Artists succeed.

Our courses equip students beyond having just lash skills. From marketing strategies that resonate with authenticity, to client retention practices that reflect genuine care, feel elevated as you launch your sustainable and soulful career in the lash industry.

Every aspect of the learning experience is designed to enrich the mind, strengthen the body, and nurture the soul. Join us on a transformative journey where lashes become more than an art form—they become a reflection of your inner brilliance.

Today can be your DAY ONE.

Lash Technique

Launch a strong lash business with an all-inclusive training experience. In addition to certifications in classic & volume techniques, you will learn the steps to become an expert and how to launch your self-owned business.

Business Expansion

Whether you are taking your first clients or transitioning from employee to owner, use our business building resources to feel confident in taking the next steps. No successful business owner expanded alone.

Personalized Coaching

Dive deeper into your career expansion with personalized coaching and accountability to break through your limits. Discover and exploit your strengths and learn how to delegate the rest.

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You need more than techniques to have a successful lash career.

be a strong business owner

Enjoy access to our detailed online courses, hands-on practice courses, personalized coaching, and you'll be confident to launch and expand your business.

Working with Danielle completely transformed my business and my life. I came to Danielle in a stagnant place in my career, questioning if being a lash artist was the right path for me. And after finding the holy grail of mentors I quickly learned this wasn’t the end, simply the beginning of a whole new world, that opened up so much opportunity for me. Not only is Danielle an absolute gem of a human being, but her process to help everyone become the best they can possibly be is impeccable. She was able to help create poor habits that I had created and instill GREAT habits which lead to improving all areas of my lashing technique. 

Maggie Rose

Danielle’s mentorship went far beyond lash technique, I learned how to run my own business, how to connect with clients, how to keep clients coming back, business etiquette, independent tax information and so many more skills. The best part was after completing the mentorship program she remained as an outlet, friend, and guide, as I continue to grow and build confidence. Danielle pushed me to rediscover how capable I was through the best instruction and guidance. I could go on for days about how spectacular my experience was working with Danielle. I hope anyone and everyone embarking on the same journey as I did finds themselves through such a supportive and uplifting experience. 

Allysa, Honey Aesthetics

Danielle re-trained me and completely changed my lash life! In one day, with the tips and tricks, amazing product, time they spent visually showing me, watching me, and answering my questions thoroughly, I went from a struggling lash artist to confident lash pro who can now deliver beautiful, full, lashes on every single lash in half the time.

Rachel, Wink Blink Lashes

Danielle is a superior mentor in this industry and she has the practical knowledge from years of experience to help you learn the best techniques in the trade. It has been an honor to learn from a master of the "lash" craft. The hands on, in depth, training she has provided has prepared me for a promising future in the industry that I love.


I was feeling extremely discouraged, and ready to give up on lashing. Then I met Danielle and had the opportunity to participate in her training program. She changed everything by providing the right tools and sharing her expert knowledge.


dream career a reality

Isabella joined the team in early 2022 and brought in the big guns. With Isabella's talent and eye for production, she was able to transform the deacde-worth of course content we previously had into the beautifully curated courses you get to experience today. Since running a successful business requires strong marketing and social media presence, take advantage of absorbing the assets she contributes to be confident in marketing and expanding your business.

Our Society

Danielle Rae, our lead educator built her reputation early by opening the first lash specialty salons in both San Diego and Monterey, CA in 2007 and 2013. She has invested the last 10 years of her career to the growth of the industry by constantly creating and evolving lash courses and tools that guarantee success. Her passion is sharing the love she has for her career and building strong and loving communities that support growth and expansion.

Joey started her career in 2017 at Garnet Lash Studios in  as a front desk receptionist while the salons were "employee-based." She grew into a Studio Manager and helped carry the business transition to rental salon suites. After assisting many lash certification courses, Joey knows the entire ins-and-outs of running a lash business. As a natural in both physical and digital design, she fell into the position of brand growth through her aesthetic vision. She now utilizes her strengths and experience to design the entire student experience with the intent of helping Lash Artists grow their brands mindfully and cohesively, in turn optimizing their success. 

Founder & Lead Educator

Brand Manager

Video & Marketing

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When you love what you do, there are no limits.

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