I became the founder Garnet Lash StudiosGarnet Lash Society and Brilliant Lash Pro, because I am obsessed with doing whatever I can, to help elevate the industry of eyelash extensions.

In 2010, I helped to formulate a waterproof, low-fume, medical-grade adhesive, for safe use with Eyelash Extension Application. Brilliant Lash Pro's adhesives are now used by successful lash studios around the world.

Since 2012, I have invested my life into training and mentoring beauty professionals on how to be successful in living this dream, doing what they love and helping others.

In 2017, I went "live" at 7am for 218 days straight, just to share my knowledge and experience with the world of lash artists as a medium to elevate the industry. (Visit my Youtube Channel for a plethora of knowledge to elevate your business)

In 2018 I was invited to speak at The Lash Artists International Conference, featured in Lash Inc. Magazine and nominated by the National Association of Lash Artists for the Lash Industry Advocate Award.

In 2022, you can find me at LashCon speaking about my “Master to Mentor” program.

My mission is to help Lash Artists around the world elevate themselves and their communities through the industry of lashes.

Let's crush it together. 

about me

about me

I am Danielle Rae.

Have a master analyze your performance, and provide strategies for improvement of your technique, retention and your business strategies. 

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Want Lashes by Me?

Since I spend most of my time developing lash businesses and products, I take a very limited amount of clients by application only, at Garnet Lash Studios.

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Full Set $450
Refresh $225

Full Set $500
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