This course will build a solid foundation that will elevate your technical skills and set you on the path to becoming a successful Lash Artist.

Grasp the fundamentals of the anatomy of natural lashes, exploring their growth cycles, thickness, and lengths. Learn about proper disinfection, hygiene practices, and allergy considerations to create a safe and comfortable environment for lash application. Understand the role of each tool and product in the lash extension process, ensuring precision, safety, and efficiency in your applications.

*Disclaimer: The version of this course is sold separtely. If you are interested in a bundled option that includes in-person training, check out The Society Method.

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*An esthetics or cosmetology license is required in most states to perform lash extension services. Please check your local state guidelines. You may complete this course with proof of current enrollment in beauty school.

All course sales are final. Refunds are not available due to the instant access of the content provided.