Environmental Analysis

Is your body positioning and ergonomics allowing for you to have a prolonged career?

Is your space comfortable and safe for your client?

Service Analysis

Are you offering a full menu of services, priced appropriately for your skill level and demographic?

Is the timing of your services appropriate and conducive to your success?

Are you taking advantage of the best tools and products for service performance?

Are you utilizing retail opportunities to boost your sales?

Operations Analysis

Are your hours of operation helping or hindering you?

Are you providing an easy way for clients to reach you and/or schedule with you?

Are you using proper documentation for the safety of your business?

Are you utilizing all cost-free marketing mediums to assist with your retention?

Performance Analysis

Are you isolating completely, every time?

Can you tweak your tweezer positioning for faster isolation and application?

Do your lashes match in directionality?

Are your bonds formed at the right part of the extension and the natural lash?

How strong is your adhesion point?

Are your bonds smooth, and undetectable?

Are you blending sizes for an esthetically pleasing style?

Do you understand maintaining symmetry throughout the entire service?

Are your standards for density showing in your after photos?

Can your timing be improved to increase your income?

Do you have any other questions for a Master Stylist?

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