How much adhesive should you use on your volume fans?

Mar 10, 2020

How much adhesive should you use for your volume fans?

It is important to create a bubble of adhesive so that you can access just the surface area.

How to create a bubble of adhesive:

  1. Layer two pieces of micropore tape
  2. Shake your adhesive for at least 30 seconds at beginning of each day and 10 seconds at re-bubble time. (Not shaking enough can result in altering the formulation of your adhesive, which can affect your retention!)
  3. Hover the bottle above the tape, barely touching a tiny squeeze of emergent adhesive down, allowing the adhesive to grab onto the tape.
  4. Pull adhesive bottle away to leave a “bubble” behind.

Now, take your prepared fan and just BARELY scrape the surface of the adhesive. Less is more!

Signs you may have too much adhesive on your fan:

  • you see a bead
  • you see shine
  • your fan closes up
  • your fan flops over

As time passes, the bubble will flatten out and “expire.” It is a great reminder to get a new bubble, as you always want a fresh adhesive in order for your volume to be GREAT. (This can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, due to varying ambient humidity and bubble sizes.) Once your bubble is flat or if any “stringing” is present, your bubble needs a replacement!

Pro Tip: since you use more adhesive during volume appointments, make sure you are charging more for volume!

Watch a video demonstration here!


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