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Sep 28, 2022

It is becoming more common, especially with established Lash Artists, to offer only Volume Eyelash Extensions.

I personally took Classic and Hybrid off my menu a few years ago.

This is just the direction that the industry is moving.

It is however, important to learn everything about all techniques of lashing to establish yourself as a Lash Expert.

You should be able to speak from experience, about the differences between all lashing techniques, to help direct customers in making the best decisions.

Volume is superior to classic lashing, because when done properly, the bonds are stronger, resulting in better retention.

To be done properly, volume fans need to be hand-made, in the moment and applied using proper wrap techniques.

(Not to be confused with pre-made fans, which are pre-bonded and do not offer the same effect for clients as far as health and longevity of their natural lashes.)

Overall, I do think we should continue to move the industry away from classic and into volume lashes. The technology behind volume application techniques are continuing to improve and evolve, while classic is stagnant, and becoming obsolete.

Too often, customers get confused and think that classic is the more “natural” option, when this is not true. Volume is the most customizable option, and can be even more natural looking, not only because you control the density as the lash artist, but also because the finer extensions look a lot more realistic than the traditional diameters of classic lashes.

So do you skip learning classic lashes? No. It’s a great place to start when first learning, and important to know the difference. Just be prepared to educate your clients on the ways that Volume is better.

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