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Lash Business Content Ideas

Jul 28, 2023

Need some inspiration for your social media accounts? Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to come up with things to post about, but in reality, there is so many content ideas for your lash business!

Here are some social post ideas to use for your lash business content:

+ take high quality before and after photos, especially for full sets.
+ photos of your space, inside and out.
+ service menu details, such as descriptions of individual services or the difference between them
+ most popular service you offer
+ a professional photo of you
+ photos of you working
+ explanation of how to book with you
+ story about why you started your lash business
+ story about why you love what you do
+ fun fact about you

The majority of your photos should be examples of your work.
Your lash portfolio is the most important content that you need to collect for your lash business and for social media accounts.
To inspire prospective clients to book with you, tell stories with your lash photos, rather than just reporting what formula you used.

For example:
+ why did you chose this style for this client
+ the journey of finding that style for that client
+ if these lashes will be for an upcoming special event
+ fun fact about having lash extensions
+ educational tips for home care
+ upcoming business hour changes

Leave a comment below if you have any other Lash Business Content Ideas!

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