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what to do if a client no-shows

Dec 19, 2023

what if a client doesn’t show up to their scheduled appointment?

first of all, did you inform them of your cancelation policy and collect their credit card at time of booking?

Did you make sure they filled out your client history and documentation form that had them agree to your no show policy?

Did you make sure that your appointment scheduling system sent them a text reminder?

If you answered no to any of those, then you might not have a leg to stand on.

If you answered yes to all three, then here are the steps that help me determine a client to be a no-show:

  1. 5 minutes passed their appointment start time, i send them a text saying “are you on your way?”
  2. If no response by 7 minutes, I give them a call
  3. If there is no response or contact by 20 minutes post appointment start time, I consider this a no-show and proceed with charging the card on file.
  4. Text your client and say “I am sorry you were unable to make today’s appointment.” and give them some of your soonest availabilities.
A lesson from our Client Situations course!


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