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Bonding Technique and Lash Retention

Dec 27, 2023

Your application technique is a huge factor that contributes to the strength of your bonds and your retention.

It can be easy to develop a bad habit unknowingly, and we may never know this has happened if we don’t seek the feedback of a mentor.

In some cases, lash artists have been taught incorrect, incomplete or obsolete techniques and that isn’t their fault either!

It’s can be hard to know if this has happened to you, because you trusted that you invested in a quality training. The good news is, continued education is the key to long term success, especially as industry standards evolve and new techniques are always developing.

In our certification courses, we teach you the strongest bonding techniques, such as The Wrap, which we believe is a non-negotiable step to volume application, all while also prioritizing the health of client’s natural lashes.

If you feel like you’re due for a refresher or want to strengthen your confidence and application skills, check out our Certification courses which include in-person training.

In-Person Certification Courses
Online Lash Business Courses


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