How do you prevent an allergic reaction from happening?

Dec 29, 2023

It is believed that an allergic reaction from eyelash extensions can be caused from the over-exposure of adhesive and it’s fumes.

In order to reduce the exposure of fumes, take these precautions.

  1. DO NOT EVER allow any liquid adhesive to come in contact with your client’s skin. This means that every single extension or fan should be applied with a safe distance away from the eyelid, (about 2mm) guaranteeing no contact. This distance also prevents discomfort from the swelling caused from fluctuations in water retention.
  2. Perform regular water scrubs. Since water speeds up the curing process, it also reduces the amount of fumes therefore reducing exposure.
  3. Replace your adhesive every four weeks. Adhesive formulations are sensitive and can be effected poor mixing and air exposure. Even if you have adhesive left and it seems to be working fine, replace it every four weeks to be confident in the quality of your work.

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