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How to explain classic vs volume to clients

Jan 15, 2024

Not only are these different lashing techniques, they can also be considered styles, because you could use the same “styling map” with each and achieve different results. Knowing this difference is important to being a well-rounded lash artist, which is why we do believe everyone should master classic as well as volume.

Classic application limits what you can accomplish, while with volume application, you can achieve an extremely wide spectrum of results.

Some clients do not fully understand the difference and will opt for the classic option because either it is less expensive or because they believe that classic is the more natural looking option, and that volume might be “too dramatic,” which is false.

This is why it is so important that you educate your clients.

Side note: This is some great content, by the way, for your social media- to explain, in your words, the differences between the techniques you offer.

Not only are you able to create a more “natural” look with volume rather than with classic because of the finer diameters, but also, due to its advanced application technology, the bonds that you create for volume are stronger, while using less adhesive on each bond.

This leads to another important topic of using the descriptive words – “natural” and “dramatic”

People LOVE to use these words when describing a look however, they are also unique to each person’s perception, and one person’s “dramatic” could be another person’s “natural.”

When your bonds are seamless, and styled in a way to compliment someone’s eyes and features, they look more “believable” and more like an enhancement, rather than a statement.

Due to the fact that there can be confusion with clients understanding of how styling works, we recommend you refrain from discussing exact sizes with clients and stick to more general terms like; length, curl and density.

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