Client aftercare instructions for lash artists

Jan 25, 2024

Home care is how your clients take care of their lashes at home, between visits with you! A lot can happen during this time. Your job is to properly educate them, while their job is to execute on your instructions.

Remind your clients that it is a team effort to protect their investment. You are doing your part by applying their lashes correctly and safely. Their part is to keep their lashes clean and be mindful about the products they use around their eyes.

Make sure every client has a Clarity Cleanser at home, because this small, but crucial step will dramatically increase their retention vs someone who is not including this in their routine.

Use your role as the professional, to tell them that they need to cleanse, do not suggest it. This is a non-negotiable.

Clients should be educated that some oily products used around their eyes can risk premature fallout by spreading into their lash extension bonds, causing lash extensions to slide off.

Clients who wear more makeup or skincare or who are naturally more oily, may need to cleanse their lashes twice a day, instead of once, to maintain healthy and clean lashes.

To prevent the negative influence of oils on the bonds of their lashes, clients can use translucent powder around their extensions to create a barrier to these oils, or even use a powdered eyeshadow along their lashline for a dual purpose barrier and makeup look.

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