How genetics and hormones effect lash retention

Jan 17, 2024

Our genes determine the length, strength and life cycle our hair.

Hormones fluctuate, which influences change to the qualities of natural lashes and shedding patterns, so it is important to stay in the loop about changes to your clients health and medications.

Here are some things that cause hormonal changes:
– pregnancy
– breastfeeding
– menopause
– taking or changing birth control
– taking supplements or medications

Considering that most people will experience one of these things at least once in their life, it is important to educate clients that changes to their hormones can directly effect their retention, even if by simply changing the speed that their lashes grow and turn over.

A great way to gain and maintain an understanding of a client’s health status, is to incorporate important questions in your client history documentation, and update it at least yearly.

Here are some examples of questions we include in our client history forms:

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding:

Are you on any supplements?

Indicate any of the conditions that apply to you:

If you need help or inspiration for creating a digital client history form, check out our Business Launch Course!


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