How to use humidity level to improve lash retention

Mar 14, 2024

Here’s a sample lesson from our Foundations Course.

Humidity is a measure of ambient water vapor in the air and makes the biggest impact to the performance of your adhesive 🪄

This has nothing to do with the humidity on the weather report that day, or the humidity of the destination that your client is headed to on vacation.

Humidity only matters at the exact time and place of application.

Why? Because water molecules actually assist in the curing process of lash adhesive.

When the humidity drops, adhesive will start to cure slower which is why a higher humidity is ideal for maintaining a faster lashing speed.

If your humidity isn’t high enough, using a Low Humidity formulation will solve your struggle!

Brilliant’s Onyx Low Humidity adhesive has an optimal humidity range of 5-45%

while Black Magic has an optimal humidity range of 35-75%

Having a hygrometer is necessary for monitoring the humidity of your room, so you can understand why these changes might happen.

Here are some things that can affect the humidity of your space:

+ air conditioners reduce the ambient humidity by condensing the vapor from the air into water that typically drains outside the unit.

+ humidifiers can be used to increase humidity if needed

+ heaters will typically not effect the humidity, again temperature is not usually important

Bottom line, humidity MATTERS! And so does your education!

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